Strachan GS Enabling Works



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51 Strachan Avenue, Toronto, ON
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This Grade Separation Enabling Works project is located on Strachan Avenue in Toronto, just West of Fort York. The purpose of this project is to relocate water, sewer, and Bell lines for an upcoming major grade separation. The contract focuses on the Fort York walls and two shafts that will be connected by a tunnel under the existing railway tracks. The work on the Fort York walls consists of piles and caissons running parallel with the tracks for 115m.

The scope of the second part of this project involves two shafts on either side of the tracks which are 20m deep, 5m in diameter, connected by a 55m long and 3m diameter tunnel under the tracks. The tunneling will begin from the north shaft while work continues in the south shaft. The shafts will be created using a slip form technique. The mechanical work consists of two 600mm stainless steel force mains, a 300mm stainless steel watermain, and four 100mm Bell conduits.





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